Get your pets all set for a fun-filled summer with these helpful tips!

It’s hard to believe that a significant storm is about to hit New England tomorrow and dump 2 feet of snow, despite the current sunny weather in northern New Hampshire.

On such a beautiful day, I can’t help but look forward to the next few months. Kudo loves basking in the sunlight.

With summer just around the corner, it’s important to start preparing for Flea and Tick season. While there are many natural ways to fight off these pests, they require more effort from the pet parent compared to standard preventative products. These natural methods need to be managed more frequently to be effective.

Given the lymphoma diagnosis, it’s important to be cautious as Kudo’s immune system is already weakened. We must avoid any unnecessary stress on his health.

We use natural bug spray formulated for dogs, which is recommended by our holistic vet. The brand we use is Wondercide, and we apply it every few days or whenever we go on a longer adventure in the woods. We have tried numerous natural flea and tick sprays over the years, and we have found that many of them are just as effective as the one we currently use.

Kudo takes a preventative treatment called Bor-L-immune to protect himself from Lyme disease. This liquid drop is taken at the beginning of tick season and continued until the winter freeze. Besides protecting him from tick-borne illnesses, Bor-L-immune also helps improve his immune system, protect his liver, spleen, and heart, and enhance his CD4 white blood cells. These are all essential for life, and even more so when living with cancer.

Kudo, loves to lie on the floor and rugs, munching on grass. However, with spring in full swing, as we focus on deep cleaning and keeping your family safe from bugs and pests.

While selecting cleaning products, it’s crucial to read the labels and ensure they are safe for pets. I always opt for natural and pet-friendly products. Steam cleaning is an excellent way to disinfect and clean, but it’s essential to be cautious about the surface you are cleaning, as it can damage some surfaces.

This could be an entire blog, but for now, be extra careful when treating your yard; fertilizer, pest control, and weedkillers can all be toxic.

Let’s cherish every moment we have with our pets, for they bring us immeasurable joy and love. Just like we provide them with a safe and loving environment, we must also protect them from external elements to ensure their well-being. And always remember, our pets are true rockstars in their own right.

As always, it is important to consult with your vet before making any changes to your pet’s care, as you know your pet best.

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