Kudo, August 7,2011-May 24,2024

Kudo was a strong dog with so much love to share. He came into our lives in November 2011 as a young puppy. He was adventurous and full of love. Over the years, Kudo spread joy and infectious love to everyone he met. Kudo was the “Pitbull” that would win the hearts of everyone, even […]

Kudo the Dog-Podcast

Kudo the Dog Podcast

Our new podcast is all about Kudo’s journey! “Get ready to wag your tail and bark with delight! The Kudo the Dog podcast is your one-stop-shop for all things related to your furry friend’s total health and wellness. Tune in for expert tips and insights on how to keep your dog happy, healthy, and tail-wagglingly


What the heck happened??? Injured old dog

On Tuesday, April 30th, we took Kudo to Ryegate for a wellness check-in to ensure that we weren’t missing anything and that he was maintaining his quality of life. During the visit, Kudo’s back was tender but nothing major. Kudo was looked over completely, and everything looked great. Kudo was prescribed a new pain medication

Kudo the Dog-Healthy Pets

What does your dog need to thrive?

Dogs are an integral part of the family and require similar attention to that of a toddler. Training a dog can be challenging at first, but it’s essential to be consistent with your messaging to ensure a happy and well-behaved furry friend. When Kudo was a puppy, his training required daily and intense effort. However,

Kudo the Dog-Healthy Pets

National Love Your Pet Day

Kudo is rocking 2024! Today marks 14 months since Kudo’s diagnose of stage 3 lymphoma. When we began this journey with Kudo, everything was based on quality of life and still is. Kudo’s drive for adventure continues to impress us. It’s been cold over the last few weeks in northern NH. One of Kudo’s newfound

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