Kudo’s Mission!

Our primary goal is to raise awareness about canine cancers and encourage healthy pet practices.

Our Kudo the Dog promotes responsible pet ownership and community outreach programs. We aim to give pet owners the knowledge and resources they need to make informed decisions about their pet’s health and well-being.

As pet owners, it’s our utmost responsibility to ensure our pets’ total health and wellness by understanding their needs and providing them with the best foods for a complete diet, daily exercise, mental stimulation, and veterinary care.

Kudo the Dog

Kudo found his way home in November 2011. We weren’t looking for a pet at the time, but I fell in love after meeting his brother Kona. The next day Kudo was adopted into his forever family. Our life would not have been the same without this special dog.


Prevention is the best cure, so we focus on educating the public about the importance of regular check-ups, preventative care, diet, and exercise. By working together, we can help ensure that all pets receive the care and attention they deserve.

Give Back

Unfortunately, some pet owners struggle to meet their pets’ needs due to financial restraints. But we cannot let financial constraints prevent our pets from being well. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring that no pet suffers due to a lack of financial resources. We must provide every furry companion with the care they deserve.

Kudo the dog

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Our Hours

“We work and live every day with Kudo.”

“We will make every effort to respond within 24 hours.”

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