Kudo the dog-Fighting Lymphoma

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Our goal is to help raise awareness for Lymphoma through Kudo’s story. Kudo is a black lab mix, born August 7, 2011, and living in Northern New Hampshire with his family, Brad, and Erin Shedd. Living in this remote area comes with challenges but also great benefits. We focus on Kudo having the best summer and creating many memories for his story. 

 Kudo’s story began in Georgia at Dolly Goodpuppy Rescue. Kudo was sent to a foster house in Rochester, NH, with his brother Kona. Kona was rescued by his forever family first. We knew Kudo was meant to join our family the night we met Kona after his adoption. The following day Brad contacted the adoption agency; that evening, we drove to Rochester to pick up Kudo. 

 Kona lost his battle with cancer without warning in 2022; just a few months later, in December, Kudo had swollen lymph nodes in multiple areas. Due to a shortage of veterinarians in the area, Kudo went to the Littleton Urgent Care on December 11, 2022; Doctors confirmed Lymphoma and sent the sample out to further diagnose the type. Unfortunately, this sample was crushed and unable to be read by the lab. 

 After Kudo visited urgent care, we focused on scheduling a visit with an oncologist. Without a primary vet getting this schedule was proving to be extremely difficult. We were on the waiting list for all specialists within 4 hours of our home. It was time to pivot. We needed a primary vet to help us get an appointment oncologist. After a friend told Brad about Rygate’s small aminal hospital, he was able to book a meeting a few weeks out. Rygate called back after Dr. Hyde heard Kudo’s story and moved the appointment to December 20, just a few days out. I called Plymouth holistic vet, who had an opening for December 21. After our visit at Rygate, we received a call from Peaks Veterinary Referral with an appointment for the oncologist in a couple of weeks; we asked to be put on a waitlist in case of any openings. Peaks called us that same afternoon with an opening on December 22. 

 Kudo spent three days riding in the truck and meeting his new medical team. Everyone was accommodating and only wanted the best for Kudo. Kudo started the CHOP protocol on December 22, 2023. Within the first week, all lymph nodes decreased in size, and Kudo was in remission. I will continue to add to this story to get details about Kudos treatments.  Follow Kudo the Dog for more updates and  Kudo adventures.

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