Your pets are what they eat. Give them real food to show your love and care for them. A happy pet means a happy life!

Brad and I both had family pets while growing up. Our pets were fed a diet of dry kibble and table scraps. Although some table scraps are safe for pets, others may contain harmful ingredients.

In 2011, Kudo became a part of our lives when he was just four months old. Brad and I made a pact to work together to ensure that Kudo received proper training and consistent routines. To discourage him from begging, we put a rule in place which banned feeding him table scraps.

Kudo did receive some whole foods, but they were different from what we were eating and never leftovers from our plates. Kudo’s preferred whole foods were carrots, leafy kale, and apple pieces (without the core or seeds). However, Kudo mostly ate kibble and dry treats.

Over the years, Kudo struggled with his GI and mild stomach issues. We tried adding water to his food to help him digest it and continued to try different brands and styles of kibble. We now know that low moisture levels in kibble can affect a dog’s hydration levels during the digestion process. When Kudo entered his senior years, we started to cook food toppers, adding lightly cooked fresh chicken, vegetables, and rice to every meal. While this did help Kudo with some of his stomach issues, we were still including kibble.

After Kudo was diagnosed with cancer, we decided to take him to a holistic vet for the first time. This visit completely transformed his diet and gut health for the better. We regret not having sought out a holistic vet earlier and we won’t make this mistake again. It’s important to not wait until your furry friend has a serious illness before making this connection.

The holistic veterinarian recommended that we modify Kudo’s diet to incorporate lightly cooked foods and reduce the amount of carbs he consumed, as cancer cells feed on carbs. We purchased single-ingredient treats that are low in carbohydrates. Initially, we attempted to create all of Kudo’s meals ourselves, but it proved challenging. Unfortunately, Kudo’s weight began to decline, which was not the intended outcome, as he was already at a healthy weight.

We tried many store-bought premade, lightly cooked foods, but Kudo refused to eat them. We experimented with different bowls and locations before ordering our first box of Farmers’ Dogs.

Farmer’s Dog is a brand of lightly cooked dog food made from high-quality ingredients fit for human consumption. Kudo, who has been suffering from Lymphoma for the past 16 months, eagerly awaits his monthly delivery of Farmer’s Dog and relishes every meal. Despite the challenges that come with battling an illness, Kudo has not had any issues with the food and has consistently eaten it without rejection. While there have been a few slower mornings, Kudo has remained healthy and his love for Farmer’s Dog remains unchanged.

Kudo’s gut health has improved over the last 16 months, which has been noticeable even with cancer. Now, you wouldn’t expect to see health improvements while living with cancer, but we did. Kudo has thrown up less, and his bowel movements improved. Kudo is not a dog that thrives on kibble; some dogs can handle this, but Kudo cannot. His gut health isn’t perfect, as he has dealt with some mild side effects from his Lymphoma.

Stay tuned for the next blog, as we will focus on breaking down the ingredients in the kibble that Kudo ate when he was diagnosed with lymphoma.

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