Kudo is 365 days past diagnosis with lymphoma

It’s hard to believe that Kudo has been kicking cancers ass for a full year. When we found out Kudo had Lymphoma, we were told without treatment he had 4-6 weeks. At this point we said FUCK CANCER and were going to fight this together. During this fight we were going to enjoy many adventures and play as hard as Kudo wanted.

Here are the highlights from 2023

January, Kudo is beginning to get into his new routine with treatments and daily activities.

It gets very cold in New England during the winter months, outdoor activities need to be shortened and sometimes skipped on the coldest days. Kudo doesn’t like to wear boots, but he has no issues with jackets.

We enjoyed a getaway to the Robert Frost cabins in VT, Kudo enjoyed adventuring on the trails and laying by the fire.

February, My parents lost their home in August 2022, to a house fire losing everything in the fire. They were able to move into their new home at the end of February.

March, snow.

April, Kudo graduated chemotherapy for the first time. Kudo walked 25 miles to participate in the dog walk challenge to help raise awareness and funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma society. We walked through all kinds of weather conditions; Kudo was a rock star and completed the challenge.

May, The weather is starting to turn to spring and Kudo’s adventures get longer. Adventures to the pond of Cherry have begun for the summer.

June, Roman Bear LLC finds Kudo’s story online and contacts us about PEMF to help support his journey, what is PEMF? PEMF is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy. PEMF helps with healing the body, removing toxins, reducing inflammation and pain. nhpemf.com Kudo is currently snoring on his own PEMF Mat.

Kudo also met Honeybee who quickly became his best friend.

July, We built a special bike to pull Kudo’s trailer. Allowing Kudo to participate in longer adventures with bikes. Kudo runs along with the group for a while, then hops in for a break, and gets out when he is ready for a run.

Kudo’s cancer relapsed on July 18th, he began his second round of CHOP therapy right away.

August, Happy Birthday! Kudo turned 12, he had a wonderful week full of treats, puppy ice cream, and toys.

September, Kudos DNA results came in. Kudo breeds are no longer a mystery.

Kudo also attended Bark in the Park in North Conway, this day will go down in Kudo’s history for the most treats ever in one day.

October, Kudo took us along with all of his best friends on an adventure to Colchester VT, where we stayed on Lake Champlain for a few days. This trip was highlighted with walks on the causeway, adventures to pet stores and relaxing by the fireplace.

While I focus on Kudo on his page, this does directly affect Kudo. On October 25th, 2023 my father William James McNerney passed away. My dad was one of Kudo’s biggest supports, he truly loved Kudi Kud. It’s hard to believe that dad is really gone.

November, Kudo got to visit with one of his long-distance friends on Thanksgiving, Ranger came to town. Ranger is Honeybee’s brother. Ranger now lives with Honeybee’s grandparents. Ranger was unable to move to the north country with Honeybee’s mom due to his health as he was recovering from heart worms and mom’s drifter lifestyle at the time.

December, On the 1st Kudo graduated CHOP for the second time and is in his second remission.

My Christmas gift is Kudo, having him happy and healthy is the best gift that I could have received.

Merry Christmas to Kudo and all of his supporters.

If 2023 has taught me anything, live for today. Don’t worry about tomorrow, as you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your handsome boys story. He is an amazing boy. Keep fighting Kudo your are so loved.

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