Kudo the Dog turns 12

Kudo turns 12 on August 7th; we plan to celebrate his birthday over the next few weeks. Lots of adventures and journeys over the next two weeks. Kudo has a rest week and no trip to Williston next week. Our next scheduled appointment at Peaks is August 18th. Roman Bear will visit Kudo on Tuesday and Friday to keep his arthritis in check. No real plans for the birthday, but we will make it fun.

Kudo has received a wonderful birthday gift; his Lymphoma is in remission for the second time. Kudo just completed the first of four rounds in the treatment cycle. All of Kudo’s test results have been very good, and his lymph nodes are all back to normal size. We will continue the entire cycle of treatments in hopes of gaining a longer remission. Kudo is on his last week of prednisone down to 1/4 tablet per day through Thursday.

F*** Cancer A new anti-cancer pill is on the horizon for medical research from the City of Hope; AOH1996 is named after Anna Olivia Healey, who died from neuroblastoma in 2006 at ten years old. This drug is designed to target specific cell variant of PCNA that is only found in cancer cells, leaving the healthy cells unharmed. AOH1996 targets solid tumor cancers, breast, prostate, brain, ovarian, skin, and lung cancers. While this drug is in phase 1 of its clinical human trials, it gives us all hope for the future in cancer treatments. City of Hope, AOH1996 Full Press release

That’s it for now; off to enjoy Kudo’s birthday and spoil him more than normal. Tonight we began with a short walk out to Mud Pond, then hung around the house with puppy ice creams and time with Honeybee. Thank you for your continued support and birthday wishes for Kudo, have a wonderful weekend.

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