Kudo the dog Lymphoma

Is he high? Drunk, nope, that’s trazodone…

Kudo has been anxious about some of his appointments and not sitting still for his treatments. Kudo must lie on his side with his leg extended for treatment. Over the last few treatments, Kudo has been doing progressively worse at sitting for his treatments… Could it be his arthritis? Is he in pain? Is he […]

Kudo the dog Lymphoma

Fall Fun

It’s been a month since our last update. Treatment Update As far as Kudo’s health, everything has been going well. Kudo needed to postpone one treatment because his blood counts were too low for treatment. Kudo’s blood count tends to drop just before the fourth treatment in the cycle. We were a little concerned as

Kudo the dog Lymphoma

Kudo the Dog-Labor Day is gone

Where has summer gone? Sorry for the long post; our last update has been a while. Kudo has been doing great and enjoying many adventures—hiking, bike rides, and more walks around town. Kudo’s DNA results returned as a mixed breed: American Bulldog, Chow Chow, American Pit, Lab, German Shepherd, and Chinese Shar-Pei. His DNA health

Kudo the Dog-Healthy Pets

Kudo the Dog: Rest week!

After Kudo’s birthday, he enjoyed a rest week from vet appointments and cancer treatments! The week continued to be full of treats and Kudo took us on many fun adventures throughout the week, longer-than-usual walks and hikes in the woods. Oh boy, let me tell you about this awesome hike we went on! We headed

Kudo the Dog-Healthy Pets

Kudo the Dog turns 12

Kudo turns 12 on August 7th; we plan to celebrate his birthday over the next few weeks. Lots of adventures and journeys over the next two weeks. Kudo has a rest week and no trip to Williston next week. Our next scheduled appointment at Peaks is August 18th. Roman Bear will visit Kudo on Tuesday

Kudo the dog Lymphoma

Kudo The Dog, Summer is Finally here.

July 25, 2023 Kudo’s story, Lymphoma treatment The weather in Northern New Hampshire is finally close to our average summer, warm days with cool nights.  Kudo is in his second week of treatment. We remember the struggles of Prednisone; the steroids do take a toll on Kudo. He is always looking for food, water and

Kudo the dog Lymphoma

July 14th Kudo the dog back to Peaks

July 15, 2023 Lymphoma treatment We found a lump under Kudo’s throat and called the oncologist; they wanted to see Kudo immediately.  I mean, it was 11:40 am when we made contact.  They wanted to see Kudo by  2:30 pm on a good day; it takes 2 hours and 30 minutes.  Brad was at work,

Kudo the dog Lymphoma

Kudo the dog June 28th

Kudo’s Story We are excited to say Kudo the dog, is kicking cancer’s ass.   Kudo went to visit his friends and oncologist at Peak’s referral clinic. Kudo was given two paws up, and the oncologist said everything looked good. Lymph nodes are still small, not showing any signs of cancer. We also had a couple

Kudo the dog Lymphoma

Journey with Lymphoma Part 1- Kudo the dog

June 10, 2023 Lymphoma treatment Let us get caught up on Kudos cancer treatments to move on to better stories. Our first appointment with Ryegate was on December 20th. Just before this appointment, we found out the aspirated sample from Kudo’s first visit was ruined, and we could not determine the type of cancer we

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